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Addict Infinity 8 Pink Fight Pickleball Paddle (Black)

Addict Infinity 8 Pink Fight Pickleball Paddle (Black)

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Unleash Your Game with Addict Infinity Series: The Ultimate Pickleball Paddle for Control & Spin

Elevate your pickleball game with our Addict Infinity Series paddle, meticulously designed for the ultimate control and spin. The paddle’s permanent textured surface enhances your ball grip, offering a feel so natural it becomes an extension of your arm.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Crafted for peak performance, our Infinity Series undergoes a sophisticated multi-stage cold and hot mold process, setting new industry standards for quality.

Revolutionary Unibody Design

Incorporating a carbon fiber unibody that extends from the face through the handle, this paddle boasts unmatched stiffness, increased responsiveness, and a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

Genuine Toray T700 Carbon Surface

Outfitted with an authentic Japanese Toray nano-engineered 700K Carbon textured surface, this paddle delivers incredible ball spin, grip, and touch. Experience the potency of interwoven layers that add unbeatable strength and controlled power.

Note: Beware of imitations! We use real Toray T700 Carbon, unlike many competitors who claim to but don’t.

Unmatched Spin with High RPM

Achieve over 2,000 rotations per minute for unparalleled spin and pace in every shot.

Innovative Carbon Fusion Edge Technology

Constructed with Carbon Fusion Edge Technology, the paddle features foam injection and lightweight carbon seams, enhancing its durability and responsiveness while expanding the sweet spot around its perimeter.

Elite Honeycomb Polymer Core

The Infinity Series houses a 16mm thick polymer honeycomb core, meticulously engineered for a power-to-control ratio that’s second to none. We maintain stringent quality control to prevent core deterioration and delamination.

Robust Carbon Forged Handle

Engineered for resilience and performance, the elongated 5.5-inch handle uses carbon fusion edge technology to minimize vibration. The handle’s tapered neck boosts the paddle’s sweet spot, while the premium custom perforated leather grip offers a 4.35-inch circumference for balanced handling suitable for all hand sizes.

Customization Available: The paddle’s weight is customizable to suit your gameplay.

Included Neoprene Cover

Every Infinity Series paddle comes with a custom Addict neoprene cover to protect your investment.

USA Pickleball Approved & Serial Numbered

Quality and compliance are guaranteed with USA Pickleball approval and a unique serial number on each paddle.

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