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Addict Pickleball Edge Tape | Pink Fight

Addict Pickleball Edge Tape | Pink Fight

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Edge Tape: Elevate Equipment, Elevate Performance

Experience the pinnacle of sports equipment protection with our Edge Tape, specifically designed for athletes who refuse to compromise. Masterfully crafted from premium PU leather, our tape transforms not only your gear’s aesthetics but also its durability and longevity.

Why Choose Edge Tape?

Superior Material: Manufactured with top-grade PU leather to ensure your equipment stands the test of time.

Striking Aesthetics: Add a unique style to your paddle with dynamic color options, including sleek white with contrasting black accents or bold black with vibrant white & neon green highlights.Optimal Dimensions: With a length of 32 inches (~813 mm) and a width of 1 inch (~25.4 mm), our tape is tailored for comprehensive coverage on paddles ranging from 12 mm to 24 mm.

Defense You Can Trust: Say goodbye to unsightly scrapes, dents, and damage. Our tape reinforces your paddle’s edges, ensuring a longer, uninterrupted game life.

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