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Addict Infinity Series AT Edition Pickleball Paddle

Addict Infinity Series AT Edition Pickleball Paddle

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Master the Game with the Austin Tchikatilov Signature Paddle—A Revolution in Pickleball Performance

The Infinity Series: AT Edition
Elevate your skills with the AT Signature Paddle from Addict’s exclusive Infinity Series, engineered in collaboration with St. Petersburg’s pickleball sensation Austin Tchikatilov, aka “The Amazon Man.” Recently signed with Major League Pickleball, AT lends his professional expertise to this premium paddle designed for game-changing control and spin.

A Legend in the Making: The AT Story

From the sunny courts of St. Petersburg to the professional pickleball circuit, Austin “The Amazon Man” Tchikatilov’s journey is one of relentless pursuit of excellence. Now, in partnership with Addict, AT brings his elite game insights into crafting the ultimate pickleball paddle. When you hold this paddle, you’re not just playing; you’re making history.

Ultimate Precision with State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Join the ranks of the pros with a paddle that’s built to win. Each AT Signature Paddle undergoes a rigorous multi-stage cold and hot mold process, setting a new benchmark for quality and durability in pickleball equipment.

Groundbreaking Unibody Design

Discover unparalleled stiffness and responsiveness thanks to a carbon fiber unibody that effortlessly fuses the paddle’s face with its ergonomic handle.

True-to-Form Toray T700 Carbon Surface

With its genuine Toray nano-engineered 700K Carbon textured surface, the AT Signature Paddle offers exceptional ball grip, spin, and control. Interwoven layers of carbon fiber add strength, speed, and a pace that AT himself would approve of.

Note: Unlike many competitors, our Toray T700 Carbon is authentic.

Spin Like a Pro: High RPM

Unleash shots with more than 2,000 rotations per minute. Compete—and win—at the highest level.

Carbon Fusion Edge for Durability & Sweet Spot Control

Engineered with Carbon Fusion Edge Technology, our foam injection process increases robustness and responsiveness. An extended sweet spot gives you an unparalleled control that defines professional gameplay.

AT-Endorsed Honeycomb Polymer Core

Benefit from a 16mm thick polymer honeycomb core, fine-tuned for the optimal power-to-control ratio. Each paddle undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure longevity and performance.

Performance-Driven Carbon Forged Handle

The AT Signature Paddle’s elongated 5.5-inch handle employs carbon fusion technology for reduced vibration and optimal flex. Wrapped in premium custom perforated leather, the handle fits all hand sizes with a balanced 4.35-inch circumference.

Customize Your Game: Adapt the paddle’s weight to fit your playing style.

Bonus Neoprene Cover & USA Pickleball Approval

With each AT Signature Paddle purchase, receive a custom Addict neoprene cover. Plus, rest assured with USA Pickleball’s seal of approval and a unique paddle serial number

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